distance limit

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    P3se distance limit

    Have p3se twice now I tried to fly and distance limit stopped drone at 500 feet. Try toggled limit on to off, took off again same problem. Had to rth turn drone Off then on, drone flew out past 8000 feet( current distance record) not sure why drone would reset itself on distance limits
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    Cannot fly further than 50 m although limit is set to 250m

    Hi , I 'm facing a very strange situation . My P3ADV cannot fly further than 50m distance and 30 high . Reaching these limits there is a warning about maximun flight distance and maximum altitude . Biginner mode is off and limits are set at 250m distance and 120 m altitude . Nothing changes if...
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    New distance limitation on Litchi?

    I noted, as several others have on this board, that if a mission has a waypoint longer than 500m from home, a warning will appear in the pre flight check before takeoff "warning, one or more waypoints is too far away". The distance between consecutive waypoints has no effect. Nor will taking...