1. Prez

    P4 - Will the engines shut off if I keep the left stick pressed while descending?

    I apologize in advanced if I am repeating the question. I am a new owner of a P4 and I've been reading that engine shut off is a possibility while descending. Can you guys tell me if that is correct and what is the best way to descend from around 400ft. Thank you.
  2. B

    Litchi and Phantom 4 and some other basic questions

    Hi, I'm fairly new to flying quadcopters, especially one like the Phantom 4 that has so much "computer" help. I've been saving my questions and I apologize if they have already been asked and answered. I've got about 40 flights using the DJI Go app and recently installed Litchi. I've read the...
  3. abobroff8

    Descending the P3 Standard from high up.

    I was flying my P3 a couple days ago and flew it up 334 feet. I started to descend and I took almost 2 minutes to get back, close to the ground. I was trying to lower it pretty quickly but I was scared if I lowered it to quickly it would start to go out of control or I would accidentally disarm...