1. Green Phantom

    Big Stone - BEST video this year :)

    i love this edit and location was Stunning! Thanks for watching and comments very welcome
  2. Green Phantom

    BEAUTIFUL Christmas Snowy Video

    My first ever sunrise
  3. Green Phantom

    Britains Swizzels Sweets Factory / Mill in 2.7k - Really proud of this

    Hi Everyone I have made a video for Swizzels Sweets factory in England. They are Britain's largest Family owned confectionery company and i am proud to to produced this video. I spent a lot of time making this fairly short video and used some new angles and features which i had not done yet so...
  4. Green Phantom

    Beautiful Derbyshire over the Swizzels Mill

    Took some pics this morning for work over the Swizzels Sweets Factory Mill. Thought id share them with you all. Comments welcome. I will be doing a short video of my work too which i will post on Youtube in the near future. Thanks
  5. Green Phantom

    Video of Viaduct - edited to the music

    Hi This is my latest video of these two viaducts in Derbyshire. I wanted to do something a little different to what i was doing before which was always fading between each clip. So this one moves from clip to clip in time with the music. i really like it. Comments and suggestions welcome...
  6. R

    Phantom 4-Derbyshire- £700

    Recently upgraded to phantom 4 from the p3s. Still cannot land a far distance away in the heavily built up area im in so im selling to fund a mavic. Comes with Carry case and usual set up. only flown for a total of about 3 hours . Located in Alfreton , Derbyshire . Ring 07842702968
  7. B

    Peveril Castle, Derbyshire, UK

    Early morning shoot at Peveril Castle in Derbyshire using a x32 ND filter to keep shutter speed at 1/50. Despite using D-log I had difficulty getting shadow detail. I think I will reshoot in cloudy bright or hazy sun to capture more detail in the valley area.