1. A

    Drone supplies in the Caribbean, impossible?

    Does anyone have experience with obtaining new, genuine DJI parts anywhere in the Caribbean island chain? I'm travelling long term in the Caribbean with my phantom 4 and I need to replace the battery. It seems getting items sent here is virtually impossible. If anyone has successfully ordered...
  2. M

    I air dropped a beer to my neighbor 1/2 mile away with my P3

    This farmer was the proud recipient of my first beer drop a couple months ago!
  3. Sim597

    First actual drone delivery in US already happened.

    The first successful drone delivery in the US has taken place I saw this a day or two ago, thought it deserved a mention. Kudos really, for those that didn't hyperlink, it was a small tiny town out east, a first aid kit and some water and another item were delivered.
  4. GooseMayne

    Greetings from the Great State of Alaska

    Hi All, I just wanted to say hello to everyone and that I enjoy reading all of this great information. I just purchased a P3A and am looking forward to lots of flying. Curious if anyone knew of a saddle or some sort of container that could attach to the Phantom for transporting small items...