1. clackey

    PhantomPilots Merchandise

    Hey all - we've had a lot of requests for decals, tshirts, etc.. so we decided to partner with a community member to provide our "officially licensed" merchandise. You can find PhantomPilots shirts and decals from aerial-pixel at the link below. Aerial-Pixel Graphics and Apparel for...
  2. RF Guy

    3 days of Rain and I'm down to decorating her.

    20151027_125847 by RF Guy posted Oct 27, 2015 at 1:06 PMOK, we needed the rain... 4 months of nothing. But sitting here with half-discharged batteries is getting old. Luckily, my P3P body decal set came in. Now that looks better!
  3. 4

    how to intall decals

    here is how to install decal instructional video