1. B

    New to drones - Researching where to purchase DJI Mavic Air - DJI or dealer?

    I am a wedding videographer and have realized I need a drone to stay current and capture the outdoor wedding venues I film at. I am looking at getting the DJI Mavic Air for $799. I have two questions - 1) Should I purchase from DJI's website or from an authorized dealer online? I have heard...
  2. Dramface460

    Becoming a DJI dealer

    Hi everyone, The president of the company I work at Triathlon Technology wants to start getting into the drone business(Why he hired me in the first place since I have experience with drones. We have a large warehouse and one of our distributors already carries DJI products. We plan on...
  3. L

    Phantom Dealers in Illinois

    I recently over the summer was an Intern for FS and I was given a P2V+ do take aerial shots of fields. Well I'm now transferred to SIUC and wanting my own Drone. I want to purchase the P3P but I want to go through a local dealer. Are there any dealers in southern or central IL that I can go...