1. Britishbigfoot

    Just bought a P3S for £150. Winning.

    I'm a very happy bunny. It's basely flown 4km in a straight line since the previous owner bought it a year ago. I've been flying my P4A and the Mavic Pro a whole lot recently, but saw this pop up on Fb. Couldn't resist. There was all of 60 minutes between seeing the ad and flying it. So...
  2. N

    Sale on refurb P4 thru 5/27/2017 $729 is offering a deal on refurbed P4 at $729. The actual seller is the DJI Official Store, selling through Newegg marketplace. DJI Phantom 4 with 4K Camera (DJI Official Refurbish)
  3. R

    BIG DEAL on Phantom 3 4K bundle - New (Open Box)

    I am selling my Phantom 3 4K bundle package. I do not want 2 P3 at my home. It is brand-new (open box). Includes 3 batteries, 2 pair of props, USB drive, 64 GB sd memory card and accessories. I have attached P3 4K photographs. Price is $700.
  4. Marnat3

    Best Buy P3 batteries $104.

    Just picked up 2 P3 batteries at my local Best Buy for $104.00 each. They are matching the DJi price on the website. Also picked up a Polar-Pro gimbal protector and a set of PP led lights for evening flying. The gimbal is $7.99 on clearance. Run don't walk, get those extra batts now.
  5. LouisQc

    Just to let you know : BIG DEAL on DJI Shop

    Hello everyone! Take a look over there : DJI Store Deals | DJI Store battery 104$ and some others deals.
  6. tml4191

    amazon prime lightning deal 32gb microsd lexar about 10 bucks <<<

    I have the 128gb, and it works good, so the 32gb for only ten bucks seems like a great deal for those who need it. Felt like sharing this Christmas season, so here's the deal...
  7. tml4191

    What's the best p4p deal right now (US?) SoCal

    What's the best deal right now for a p4p in socal? Anyone know if I can just go down to Carson and pick one up there? I don't need the new 1k nit tablet.
  8. tml4191

    p3p w/ battery mod, antenna mod , hdmi screen, backpack complete, 3 batteries full package deal f/s

    Link DJI P3P Fully Modded Phantom 3 Professional 3 Batteries Backpack Complete ND CPL | eBay Reserve set at $950 Looking to upgrade to the p4p, so throwing this out there for anyone interested. We can settle this via paypal instead for those interested. Comes with an instamorph drop kit too: