dbs mod p3s

  1. respibob

    Quick little 2 mile trip

    Just a fun little video I made. Nothing fancy!
  2. respibob

    Waiting for my ITE-DBS01.4

    I ordered a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Range Booster ITE-DBS01.4 from MaxxUAV.com and just wanted to say if you need anything for your drone they are very quick to respond! I sent a question on Facebook and they answered with 2 or 3 minutes! I bought a second controller from PWdrone and was going to...
  3. O

    Phantom 3 Standard - Video Range - Signal Lost (following DBS modding)

    Hi all, I'm sorry to post regarding this issue again, but I'm out of ideas. I bought this P3S drone in Hong Kong 2 months ago. Immediately during my first flight out of beginner mode, I encountered signal loss of the video (meaning 2.4 wifi, not the RC signal). I tried to downgrade the...
  4. J

    DBS ITElite or FPVLR?

    Check out the comparison video below.
  5. gabriel hinojosa

    Help with DBS with no drilling

    I have a P3standard and want to install the DBS mod but do not want to drill holes. what can i do to fix this? Dynamic 3D Solutions i see this but its for advanced/professional. will it work for standard antenna hole?