1. frands1

    My New Phantom 4, New YT channel and New Video (Simple 1st day Setup)

    Hi community. I sold my P4 and bought me a P4 Pro. I wanted to share my first day video, for initial setup. My YT channel is mostly about spanish content but this video has Spanish and English information. It's very simple so it won't help many of the users here, but it can maybe be useful for...
  2. codygrkman

    Rainy Day Flight

    Only reason I am posting this footage on here is because I did it without any gimbal which I thought was pretty cool... DJI Phantom 2 w/o Zenmuse, GoPro H4S 2.7k30p. Edited in FCPX and used the built in stabilizer and color correction tools. BTW, Phantom 3A is coming this upcoming week and I...