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    P4 Firmware Will a firmware rollback wipe DAT files?

    Hi guys, Yannie here from the Mavic forums. I have a dilemma and I'm hoping for your expertise. For P4s, will rolling back my firmware erase the DAT files stored within the drone? Does flashing the firmware preserve these flight logs or erase them? Thank you, Yannie
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    Litchi Waypoint Mission DAT File

    Flying missions beyond controller signal, I wanted to be able to plot the mission, including the missing out of range segment. When I download a dat file for a normal flight the GPS data is there, however on a waypoint mission flight the gps fields are all zeros. Missions completed perfectly ...
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    DAT Files

    Hello, I am new to the DJI world, I currently utilize www.dronelogbook.com to keep track of my PIC/UAV time. I was only able to download the.txt file from the DJI Go App. I have other files I would like to download that are .DAT files. I'd like to convert these to either a .txt or .csv file...