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    Professional Phantom 3 Gimbal Dampers

    Quick question: Are the gimbal dampers for the P3P the same as those for the other models in the P3 Series??? Better question still, are those dampers interchangeable between models?? If not, what is the part # for the P3P dampers? I think I know the answer, but "think" is a weasel word, so...
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    Looking for a part

    Hi guys, I recently crashed my P3 Adv. Thankfully no serious damage but in the course of the crash some of the damping balls along with their pins were disconnected, presumably because of camera impact. I was able to retreive most of the parts after they had fallen off, however, the small foam...
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    Phantom 2 + Eachine Light 2D gimbal Vibrations :( Help

    Hello. I have a huge problem with the vibrations in my Phantom 2. Well, I did a test - I was looking for information on the forum about. Vibrations, nothing concrete is found, so I decided to test variants transferred to other users, so: Setup: Phantom 2 + Gimbal Eachine Light 2D + Xiaomi yi...