damaged internals

  1. J

    I'm honestly distraught and so ashamed of myself right now. I've never felt so embarrassed/ defeated

    I just got my phantom 3 standard two days ago, packed it into my bag and started cycling to the nearest open field. On my way I see a great bit of open land next to a canal, yep you know where this goes next. Instead of going to my perfect location I head over to the spot of land. I get out my...
  2. J

    Damaged cell? or something internal in drone

    On saturday i was doing some filming for a movie. It was cold outside. - 35 C I kept my batteries in my inside jacket pocket until ready for use. I put the drone in the back seat of the warm car. Inserted the battery and fired the drone up. message came up - IMU is warming up, then safe to fly...