1. Wjm

    Switzerland - Emosson dam

    The Émosson Dam is a hydroelectric dam development located in Switzerland in the canton of Valais. Halfway between Martigny in Switzerland and Chamonix in France, VerticAlp Emosson is a unique rail system allowing visitors to access a natural site nearly 2,000 m (6,500 ft) above sea level...
  2. Wjm

    The Grande Dixence dam Heremence - Switzerland

    The Grande Dixence dam is the world's highest gravity dam. it is located on the Dixence at the head of the Val d'Hérémence in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The dam fuels four power stations, totaling the installed capacity to 2,069 MW, generating approximately 2,000 GWh annually, enough...
  3. electriclife

    Cinematic aerial 4k video of Alpe Del Cavalli Lake & Dam, Piedmont Italy.

    Alpe del Cavalli is a quiet, gorgeous and peaceful area of Piedmont, close to the Swiss border. The area is full of hydroelectric power plants, many build by Senator Ettore Conti, the Edison company and designed by famed Architect Piero Portaluppi. Most of the plants and still active and feed...
  4. A

    Halloween - Haunted & Abandoned Dam - 4K

    In honor of being Halloween month, would you spend a night here? Let me know some places you'd like to see droned and I'll see if I can make it happen!
  5. Aussie Mark

    The Dam During the Drought

  6. Trunks97RS

    Lake Lenexa - Cool Dam

    Short and sweet. Cool dam. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Trunks
  7. R

    When a random guy makes your movie way more exciting!

    I was filming another boring Aerial of a Dam here in Scotland when this happened... That livened things up a bit! what happened next? who knows ;)
  8. A


    More info in youtube description! Thank you for all of your support! Please feel free to share, like, comment and subscribe!
  9. victorymike

    Deer Lake Dam on the Carp River, Ishpeming MI

    I have been to this dam by kayak before but figured that there would be land access. A look at satellite maps revealed what looked like a road that would be a 1.5 mile hike, one way. The 2-track road had recently been worked on by big equipment...new culverts installed in wet areas and brush...
  10. electriclife

    Italy and Switzerland by Drone

    An Aerial Video of several locations in Italy and Switzerland, all shot with DJI Drones. Includes: Passo San Marco, Susten Pass, Modena, Tuscany, Val Verzasca **** (Including the famous 007 bungee jump), Sardinia, San Giulio Island (Orta Lake), Cogne Valley, in the Aosta Valley, Hasliberg, The...
  11. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Abandoned Dam Shot with Phantom 4

    Enjoy. Not the best editing work but you will be okay lol. Thanks for watching <3
  12. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Beaver Dam with Phantom 4

    I know its not the best edit in this world but enjoy. First time using adobe premiere pro
  13. N

    The Jalapeño In The Colorado

  14. L

    Flying at a dam

    Hey together! I made a video about a dam in Gemany. Hope, you enjoy it!