1. O

    Texas trip

    Hello everyone, I will be making a drive from the DFW area to Brownsville/South Padre area for Spring Break. Any recommendations on any good spots to make a quick stop at? In addition, I can't seem to find a straight answer on whether it is OK or not to fly at Padre. Has anyone flown there...
  2. P

    DJI P3 2.7K - Dallas TX - Lake Cliff Park - Finally Fixed Premiere Export Settings (I'm New!)

    I finally fixed the export settings on Adobe Premiere so that my video isn't potato quality! It still isn't perfect but I am learning! Please any feedback is very welcome!
  3. P

    DJI P3 - 2.7K - Adobe Premiere - Dallas TX

    Second attempt at editing video I shot in Dallas TX this last weekend. Video shot from Lake Cliff Park. Editing with Adobe Premiere and still have a lot to learn! Would love any and all feedback!
  4. P

    DJI P3 Dallas Texas

    Second Attempt at Video with DJI P3
  5. Swells

    New P3P owner in North Dallas area

    Just saying hi! I got my P3P a few weeks before a trip to San Juan, PR in October. I've had a lot of fun flying my bird using the Autoflight Logic Autopilot app and am looking for new and interesting things to film. If anyone else in the Dallas area uses Autopilot, I'd enjoy comparing...
  6. Puxxle

    Dallas area

    I recently got a Phantom 3, both for personal fun, and for work. My job involves involves documenting Dallas and the surrounding region visually, and portraying the region as a beautiful and magical place. I’m planning on doing some flying around the downtown Dallas area, and I was just curious...