1. T

    VideoStudio x10 or Powerdirector 16

    Hey everyone, I'm having a difficult time deciding which video editing software to purchase...I have it narrowed down to Corel VideoStudio x10 or Cyberlink Powerdirector 16. I have tried some free stuff, just not impressed, and I would jump on DaVinci, but it won't accept 4k video that I intend...
  2. D

    Private Fireworks Show

    Our neighbors invited us over to see their fireworks, I shot the video from just above tree level on my property 300 ft from where they were being set off, nothing but pasture under my P4P.. there are two versions. One was enhanced in post using Power Director and one is stock, which one do you...
  3. tml4191

    Anyone need a video editor? EBay link

    I was looking for colordirector on ebay and ran across this one other listing. The seller is selling a CD physical copy of a cyberlink director suite package, and that includes: PowerDirector 15 Ultimate, PhotoDirector 8 Ultra, AudioDirector 7 & ColorDirector 5. Those can now be purchased for...
  4. tml4191

    Does anyone use powerdirector/photodirector? I need the Lens Correction Profile for the p4p

    I already asked in their forum and requested for a lens profile for the p4p, but I do not think that request is enough to actually get their attention. How do I process these images/videos when they all pretty much need lens correction?
  5. J

    Cyberlink PowerDirector14 Video Editing Software

    Anyone using this? I'm testing a trial version and so far, the movies it produces from my captured videos is really bad. Very grainy and just not good quality. Anyone using this with good output results?