1. Goldie

    Visit Zagreb, Croatia

    New video, made with Osmo and Phantom 4...
  2. Goldie

    Medvedgrad medieval city near Zagreb

    New one taken with Phantom 4
  3. M

    Drone Operation in Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Hey everyone, I will be traveling to Dubrovnik, Croatia in June and am bringing along my P4. I tried to acquire any necessary documentation but the folks at the Croatian Civil Aviation Authority are stating that I need a bunch of other crazy attachments (parachute, metal plate with ID #...
  4. glympsefromabove

    Drone Laws in Croatia

    I'm visiting Croatia now and brought my P3A. I've been researching the laws here, and it is quite difficult because most everything is in Croatian and not English. I will be flying recreationally. Does anyone have more details about what is needed to legally fly in Croatia? I'm aware to not...