1. Newt59

    Political Action

    Guys, Just tonight I heard on Fox News XM some very disturbing news. The FAA is looking at letting local governments place restrictions on flights below 200 feet. First responders have the ability to disable drones and more and more states are allowing use of the technology. A government...
  2. sar104

    Drone forensics

    An interesting BBC article on tracking down drone operators... How police catch drone-flying criminals
  3. CenLA

    New bill introduction for drone trespassing in Louisiana

    Senate Bill 124, Dan Claitor, R- Baton Rouge, creates the crime of trespassing with a drone if it is flown less than 350 feet above someone’s property without his or her permission. Creates the crime of criminal trespass by unmanned aircraft. AN ACT 2 To enact R.S. 14:63.1, relative to...