cracked hull

  1. Badaxed

    lower frame cracking on my phantom 4

    Has anyone else had their lower frame crack coming from the legs up toward the battery compartment? I have three hairline cracks. Two in the back coming from the legs and going in the direction toward the battery compartment ( a third of the way) and one crack coming from a front leg . I hand...
  2. S

    Brand new Phantom 3 Pro Problems?

    Hello! About 2 weeks ago, I bought a Phantom 3 Pro from Best buy of all places. After getting home, I unboxed it to find that it was the Older version, with the older, 2312 motors. (must have been sitting around for a while!) After a bit or research, I found that this could actually be a good...
  3. Sim597

    USED Flashlight, found hairline cracks

    well, will 3 million feet on "Cloud" I been doing extensive maintenance and started using a high end LED torch to look at/through the legs, last week found some hairline fractures but they were smooth on the surface, but since discovering them ive been watching more closley and sure enough, its...