1. Steve_in_DE

    Flying indoors! P3 Advanced, DJI Go or Litchi, and course lock?

    OK here's the thing. I want to get a shot in an empty hotel ballroom. This room is about 100 feet long and 60 feet wide and 20 feet to the ceiling. My intention is to fly along a long wall, while focusing on the subject at the middle of the other long wall. So then I will be flying sideways...
  2. Brydo

    Phantom Film School

    hi. i have just signed up for phantom film school and got the course for £10 yes £10 the link below expires on december 16th hope this helps 95% off Phantom Filmschool - the easy way to shoot like a pro! - Udemy Coupon
  3. D

    Discount Drone Course

    Hey everyone! I always enjoy reading this forum and found this to be the best place for all-things Phantom! I actually created a course for (very) beginner DJI pilots and wanted to give you the max. discount of 50% off just for Phantom Pilot members. Please don't share this around the web...