course lock

  1. martinetti

    Problems with Home Lock in Litchi

    Hi. After a while working with Litchi and my P3A, I'm not able to entre Home Lock / Course Lock anymore. As soon as I try, I receive a padlock icon (see pictures). I tried reinstalling the app, uninstalling DJI Go just in case but it didn't solve the problem. Litchi Home and Course Lock worked...
  2. P

    Free Camera during Waypoints ?

    On The Phantom 3 I could choose three modes for waypoint flight . One was called "free" which when selected allowed me to turn the camera / aircraft in any direction while the aircraft maintained course and speed . I don't see it on P3 Advanced and the camera does not even follow...
  3. SteveP55

    Course Lock Issue in Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi Guy's, I am still getting familiar with my new Phantom 3 Advanced drone, I had good weather the last few days so I took advantage of it. For some reason I can't seem to find the Course Lock setting in the DJI Go app, I have watched several videos on how to set course lock and yet I just...
  4. P

    Course Lock how to set up in dji go 4

    Hello, Does anyone know how to set up Course Lock using the DJI Go 4, for the phantom pro 4? Thank you.
  5. L

    not getting menu when switching to F

    I've been trying out course lock, home lock, poi, waypoints, etc. I loaded Litchi yesterday. Today, Litchi wasn't updating gps map, so I went back to DJI GO. When I switch to F, I no longer get the usual menu. It also tells me "Course lock or Home lock is enabled". Sure enough, the craft...