1. tml4191

    Can we get an Official thread for all those Red Flag countries?

    This is important for the drone community. Seems like a lot of people are getting into trouble in other countries, so can someone(mod) please keep a simple tab on which countries are not good for drone travelling? This can be ran like the p3/p4 range leaderboards, so if someone was looking for a...
  2. Gary Vaughan

    Going to Australia with P4 - any suggestions

    So I live in the US and I'll be traveling to Australia in November and I'm thinking of taking my P4 with me. I've been looking around to see if I can fly it in Sydney and other surrounding areas that I'll be visiting and there doesn't seem to be a ton of information (and I'm afraid of getting...
  3. rickray

    Professional Making my P3P drone less obvious at customs

    Hi flyers: In a few months I'll be visiting a third world country which does not yet have a fixed policy about allowing tourists personal use drones like the Phantom 3 Pro. Arriving baggage is x rayed and there are reports of many people getting in without issue and others of people having...
  4. J

    #DRONEON YouTube Channel

    Newbie here, but created a YouTube channel about a month ago and thought I would share my latest video! If you like the video, check out #DRONEON on YouTube.