1. Cezar PR-BR


    friends I am making the update log available for you to help me identify the error you are giving. I'm trying to re-run the latest update, I'm suspicious that my drone's firmware is corrupted. P3S_FW_LOG_AB1.txt I count on the help of all. and thank you in advance
  2. J

    Corrupted Movie Files Won't Play

    Hi there, Everyone: Just got my drone about 10 days ago. I shot 23 short test videos over a period of three different days and it looks like 8 of them are corrupted and unplayable. I have tried downloading several programs for "fixing" .mov files, and unfortunately none have been able to fix...
  3. Luis J.

    App to fix corrupted Video Files (new one)

    I have been using the wonderful djifix.exe, but sometimes it does not repair my videos, so I looked further and found some pieces of software (all console application) which requires a lot of effort and knowledge to build the proper command line, so I made my own GUI application (using those...