corrupt video

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    P4P mov import issues to Final Cut Pro mac

    So I just got rid of my phantom four and got the new pro, I recorded several clips in 4K at 60. When I tried to open the files it gives me an error "2002 A bad public movie atom was found in the movie" I was using the SD card that came with it did a little reading on the fourm and poeple...
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    P3 Prof camera stops recording, black screen with dji logo and file corrupted

    Hello, I’ve just purchased a new Phantom 3 Professional. After upgrading all firmwares, batteries included I went to make some tests. DJI Go is the last version. Today I recorded a 3’49” video, 1,4Gb 1080/60fps After downloaded it I saw that in the minute 1’ 23” the camera stopped acquiring new...
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    Problems with P3 Pro 1080p 60fps?

    I set the video on my Phantom 3 Professional to 1080p 60fps (1080/60) to be compatible with my iPhone and iPad. Every now and again, the video file is corrupt and can't be played even after re-inserting the memory card back into the drone and re-powering the drone (to allow the drone to fix a...