controller for sale

  1. M

    Wanted controller P3 advanced / professional

    Must get a clean relatively new controller. Need one for my spare P3 advanced. Am in Europe. Thanks.
  2. Eric1084

    [Complete]For Sale P3A/P3P Controller GL300C- NEW

    *SOLD* Hello everyone, I have a spare Phantom 3 Advanced/Phantom 3 Professional Controller(GL300C, the newest model) for sale. I'm parting out a bird that crashed. Took it out of the box, and cut the plastic wrap(The plastic over the phone holder is still there). Used for less than a minute. So...
  3. F

    Selling Near-New P3 Controller ($200)

    Hi all, Crashed my first P3A but I managed to get the money back from accidental damage protection with my credit card company. Bought a 2nd one but I have an extra controller I used for maybe 15 minutes. Shipping from NY, so if it's a long distance, it may cost some extra to ship.