controller firmware

  1. A

    Device not Transmitting Image: Remote Control Signal Weak

    Hi folks, resorting to my own thread as iv'e dumped too many hours into reviewing other's. I appreciate any forthcoming help. Bird: Phantom 3 Advanced Issues: 1. Device (Android HTC M9) is not connecting to bird - Flashing red banner in app "remote controller signal weak". (so there is no...
  2. R

    P4Pro Controller problem

    Hi All, I have a new P4 Pro and after a few successful flights I was prompted on screen to upgrade the controller firmware. I unplugged the controller (I think during the downloading process, although it wasn't obvious it was downloading! ) and now it wont connect to the phantom and the...
  3. R

    Phantom 4, no firmware on controller

    I've tried to flash firmware on my controller. On my controller, tap on "about" says version 3.1.1 next firmware N/a next S/n N/a. I'm using a galaxy 6 edge plus (android) I read somewhere that 3.1.1 is for Mac/Apple?? Is that correct? Anyway, I can't update my firmware as there is none to...
  4. Bob Publicover

    P3 Firmware Controller firmware

    How do you asertain what the latest firmware is installed on the controller and what is the latest upgrade for the controller.