controller error

  1. P

    Professional Controller lost connection to the Phanton 3 Prof after a Drone/Controller firmware upgrade

    All, I would like some help on what to do with an issue that I encountered. I flew my drone yesterday without any issues and decided to upgrade my firmware last night due to warnings from the DJI App. I upgraded the controller and drone firmware but now the controller won't talk to the drone...
  2. C

    Professional P3P Controller Battery Voltages

    I have a P3P Controller (GL300C) that's refusing to charge its battery. Does anyone have a P3P controller battery (2s 6000mah) that could give me the voltages between the two pairs of wires? Mine is reading 7.5v from any red to any black. I was hoping I'd be able to get it connected to my...
  3. HeyJuffy

    Camera Sensor and Gimball Related Error

    I crashed my drone to a tree using sport mode. Fell down with battery separated from the main body. Checked overall status - found the following error: - Camera Sensor Error - Gimbal cannot receive Main Controller Data Camera and Gimbal is working but when attempted to take off - controller...