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    Looking for personalized stickers (e.g. Battery #, Contact Information)

    Hi, I need a very basic, good quality, sticker set for my P3 that includes contact information in case of flyaway #whichhopefullywillneverhappen, and a few reference numbers for my batteries. Let me know if you're able to print/sell those or know someone who does :) p.s. I find the sets over...
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    How to contact DJI

    Hello, I sent one Phantom 3 back in service in Germany. I tried calling them on the number they emailed me, saying the driver is there with the drone but no one is answering. I can't find on the internet a phone number. Can someone please help me with a contact number for Schondra Germany? Thanks
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    Learning to stay calm when people are watching?

    I've had my P3P for around 4 months now and I noticed after flying many times by myself that I am generally very calm and everything is smooth as hell. But when I show people what I am doing they all freak out like holy crapy this thing is amazing! Obviously I showboat it because it truly is an...