1. B

    Flir in Conservation

    I am a long time photographer now running conservation projects in remote Sumatra and can see the amazing benefits a flir camera would help our initiatives to protect the last remaining elephants. Our projects centre around searching for wild elephant herds and people poaching wildlife and...
  2. J

    Drones used in farming and conservation

    Just finished working on a piece focusing on how drones can be used in conservation and agriculture (among other things). We've covered some really interesting stuff, like how they can: -Fight Criminals -Save Avocado Trees -Help Farmers Survey their Land If you're interested, take a look...
  3. ASabai

    Using Phantom for Conservation - Lake Habitat Video

    I thought you guys might be interested in the use of a Phantom for conservation. This video documents the habitat loss over twelve months at a seemingly tiny, but very important piece of aquatic vegetation out in Lake Poygan Wisconsin. I've been working there seven years monitoring endangered...