connection error

  1. A

    P4 RTK is Connecting to Controller but not Registering in App

    I have the P4 RTK and associated DJI controller (with the screen attached) which runs the GS RTK software. The last time I flew, at the end of April, I had no problems. I have not crashed or otherwise damaged either the controller or aircraft. Today, I planned a mission on the controller and...
  2. T

    Connection error when trying to view photos

    i have been using my iPhone 6 with no issues. I bought a different mount so I can use my iPad mini. Everything works great and I love the larger view. When trying to. It’s pictures/videos through the app, I receive an connection error. I can disconnect the iPad and reconnect my iPhone...
  3. Zhafran

    RC Blinking Green

    Last night, after i update latest firmware, my RC shows "No SIGNAL" then i try to re-install my RC using the button by pressing (C1 + C2 + Rec button + Scroll panel).. after sometimes it not running the installation process then the Green LED change to blinking RED. Today i try using DJI GO...