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    DroneLogbook Adds Preflight Checklist and Phantom Pilot Sale

    DroneLogbook ( has just added the ability to create preflight checklists and they will be adding new (upgraded) FAA/CAA/CASA reports in the next few weeks. As an offer to the Phantom Pilots board they are offering discount codes good through April 2nd. For 50% off the...
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    Logbooks - Requirement for Commercial

    As logbooks are a requirement for commercial use what do most of you use? And what features do you find missing?
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    DroneLogbook Compliance for Commercial Operator (Coupon Code)

    DroneLogbook ( has a coupon good for 50% their annual Pro plan. Use code EKDLB50 (good for annual pro plan only). They also have a plan for 50% off a quarter of their Enterprise plan. Use code - EKENT50