1. Green Phantom

    EPIC Drone Fails! HAHA

  2. crashmaster333

    New drone fanatic

    Hello drone family, I am a DJI crazed fanboy just dropping in on day one to say hi. My interests are my Phantom 4 pro and I am upset I did not the get Obsidian edition..but the 5 will come out soon enough. Besides flying locally I just recently started a Youtube channel hopefully teaching us...
  3. Zorro

    Compiliation of 2016 in Norway - what do you think?

    Shots from January till Desember in 2016. Filmed with with P3 Pro. Would love some input on what you think i could improve on, or things you like to focus on when you film.
  4. F

    First Compilation Video

    Well took a chance with a compilation video, hope it suits everyone
  5. TTC Studio

    LONDON from above

    Hey all, Check out our latest video, this time from London. Hope you enjoy and leave a like and some feedback for a relatively new Phantom 3 Advanced user. Thanks a lot!
  6. ASabai

    Natural Landscape Video Compilation

    Take a few minutes to enjoy a compilation of my favorite flight clips over some of my favorite natural places, wetlands. These places are worth celebrating and protecting. Phantom 2 with GoPro Hero 3+ Black zenmuse gimbal Fisheye corrected in GoPro Studio Video edited in Sony Movie Studio 13