1. CaptainDrone798

    DJI Drones and the lack of competition. The DJI Story.

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this here since I'm sure many of you are starting to wonder where all the drone competition is for DJI Drones.
  2. B

    New York State Fair Drone Film Festival

    Hi all, For those who like to make pretty videos, the New York State Fair is holding a drone video competition this year: New York State Fair Drone Film Festival - The Great NY State Fair | Aug. 23 - Sept. 4, 2017 It's not my area of expertise, but I thought others might be interested...
  3. L

    Drone video competition

    Hi guys! This is my video for one amateur drone video competition. If u like please give me like on youtube. Just add www. to link above for those who is using mobile device... THX!!!
  4. C

    Drone for a Star Wars

    Hi there, im a budding film maker looking to make a star wars fan film, this is going to be sent to the star wars fan film competition in 2017 and also used for my final project in collage. i asked phantom on twitter which one they recommended and they said the phantom 3 standard, this is...