1. TheKestrel

    Community responsibility?

    Just gathering metrics. Thread not intended to become or encourage argument. There is no time limit so over time and with a sufficiently large sample set, my hope is that this will fairly accurately reflect the state of this community’s thinking at any given point in time. You can change your...
  2. D

    Phantom operators helping the community

    With all the bad hype surrounding drone pilots, I thought I would start this post. I have more hours logged with my P4 than I care to add without any crashes significant enough to cause anything more than a chipped propeller, and have had my share of close calls. Flyaways, hitting trees...
  3. ViperX

    Calling ALL Drone Owners - Time to Launch

    Time is running out to be a DART VIP Founder. Sign-Up today for free and help launch the best drone fleet in the world! Beta is about to start and we need the best pilots to help us get it right!
  4. R

    DJI Community Research

    Hello there! We are students from the University of Oklahoma, and we are conducting a DJI pilot research experiment. If you are a DJI pilot and want a chance to win a $25 dollar Amazon gift card, please fill out our 5 minute survey and leave your email at the end. Contact me at...