1. furthertofly

    Redrock (and other) Landscapes

    Albums for user: furthertofly | DJI Phantom Drone Forum
  2. Thimble Peak and Unaweep Canyon

    Thimble Peak and Unaweep Canyon

  3. G

    Colorado Drone Flight

    Enjoy this short piece I shot near Breckenridge, Colorado. :)
  4. TwistedPacket

    Offroad Paradise - Colorado

    Some of my favorite shots on a recent offroad trip in Colorado. Shot with DJI Phantom 3, and GoPro.
  5. DigitalKnight

    Spring Along the Rocky Mountain Front Range

    Hey all, This is my first ever attempt at editing video from multiple flights, and using Windows Movie Maker no less. Might as well start with the simple stuff before I move up to something that costs $$$. It was a great day to capture some of the "everyday" beauty when everything greens-up...
  6. M

    Aspen Colorado P3P

    Took a very short video today in Aspen Colorado. My hands went numb before I could get anything to interesting but I figured id post it anyway.
  7. Boomerjinks

    Corn Maze in Denver, Colorado

    First post, here goes! I'd love to welcome any input or advice on lessening the "flicker" during certain parts of this video or attaining smoother footage when flying over highly-detailed objects; is this the best I can get?