color corrected

  1. J

    This will change the way you color your drone footage

    In-depth tutorial of the new color wheels feature in Final Cut Pro 10.4!
  2. Henrik Olsen

    Easy color grading like a PRO

    In this tutorial, you can see how easy you can color grade your footage with LUT’s in Davinci Resolve 14 and make it look like it’s made by a PRO. It made for Mavic, but the same principle applies for Phantoms as well.
  3. TristateStudios

    An edited video I shot in Ostego, NY

    Hello all - recently signed up on this site after getting many tips from it for a while. Finally got around to finishing this video a few months ago and though I would share it. Video was cropped to give a more cinematic look not because the props were in the shots although they were in the 2nd...