1. jdharrin

    Northern Virginia Area

    Hi, I'm looking for other drone pilots in the Northern Virginia area that would like to work together to start a local club. We could discuss monthly meeting to share ideas, flying locations, watch each others flight videos, discuss editing techniques, etc. Both hobbyist and Part 107s welcome...
  2. D.Bennett

    Experience MIAMI.... *Final Video Edit*

    Showcase of Miami, FL What do yall think? Clips were taken from several different original videos. *Video made for editing practice only* *I do not own the original video footage found in these clips* Music: Johnny Rock - A Great Day
  3. jlazz447

    Western MA / Hartford Flyers

    Anyone in this area on the message boards? Would love to meet up and fly with other people in the area. I have zero friends with drones ):
  4. Photoworx

    DJI Creators Club

    Hey everyone. I was wondering of anyone has any info on this DJI Club and how you join it? I found the link while searching out some other DJI areas and went to the page. It talks about the benefits you get when you join but has no link to join. Does any one know anything about this? Thanks...