ciudad de mexico

  1. chapsrlz

    Carso 360 (from skypixel)

    one of my entries to the 360 contest from skypixel. enjoy SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity comments, suggestions, thoughts?
  2. chapsrlz

    BBVA Bancomer, tallest building in México

    this is Torre BBVA Bancomer, the tallest building in México (tallest finished building, because in front of it is a taller one but still under construction) Torre BBVA Bancomer - 237 meters Torre Reforma (in front of Torre BBVA Bancomer) 246 meters
  3. chapsrlz

    3280 ft dronie

    dronie in carso 4k version in c13studio
  4. chapsrlz

    Santa Fe Skyline

    Santa Fe Skyline in México City 3 image panorama more of our video and photo on our facebook fan page: Security Check Required
  5. chapsrlz

    Chapultepec Castle dronie / 4k, 2,185 ft

    another dronie, now over the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City enjoy :) comments?
  6. chapsrlz

    2,820 ft dronie

    like every thursday, a new dronie. this time 2,820 ft
  7. chapsrlz

    1,800 ft dronie

    a 1,800 ft dronie :)