1. Capitan Bastos

    Coming Home - A Bastos Movie

  2. Z

    Phantom 4 Color Profiles?

    Do you guys record in D-Log for your P4 drones? Here is a video explaining the Color Profile and why D-Log improves recording quality of your drone
  3. Z

    Best Drone Flight Techniques?

    Hi All, I am interested, what are your guys' best flying techniques for your drones? Do you have any videos out there? Post them Below!! Here is a montage of some of my best shots.
  4. J

    Two videos from Argentina and looking for feedback

    Hi! New to the forum and recently had my P4 with me on vacation in Argentina. Shot two videos on the trip in Mendoza and Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires was a challenge for footage at times, but here are the videos. I have recently combined the P4 footage with some footage from the ground via GoPro...
  5. B

    African Wildlife with a Mavic Pro.

    Wildlife Videographer Roth Rind goes to South Africa and takes a journey to capture wildlife with just a Mavic Pro Drone. Personally, I have a novice eye but in my humble suggestions, these are stunning results.
  6. BSparks

    Oaks At Windridge | Brownsburg, IN

    4th one Ive done. please let me know what you think! thanks!
  7. J

    New Pilot in Maryland/Long Island

    Hey guys, JNG here. I just picked up a P3 4K and I'm looking for good places to shoot in Maryland/Long Island, NY.
  8. I

    Makapuu at Dusk

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share another video here, this one is from the east side of Oahu in Hawaii. Filmed with the Phantom 4 right before the rain came. Any tips, info, or comments are welcomed, enjoy!
  9. B

    Drone Tour - Lake Lure & Chimney Rock, North Carolina

    Flew over the area over the weekend. I liked the reaction from the crowd on top of Chimney Rock lol. Perfect day to fly.
  10. nunes18

    Aerial view of Aruba

    We recently went on vacation to Aruba. Here is a short video:
  11. Cakrawalens

    Brown Canyon - Semarang, Indonesia

    A video about a man made canyon near my house, please enjoy! oh this video is my first video so any critic or suggestion is appreciated :D taken with P3A
  12. D

    Indonesian Aerial Cinematography Buperta FPV Team

  13. Freeskies Inc.

    FreeSkies CoPilot 14 day FREE TRIAL (Claim before Nov 8th!)

    Hello Phantom 3 owners! My team has built a autonomous cinematography app and we want to give you all a 14 day FREE TRIAL! Just enter your email in the trial signup before Nov 8th (Limit first 1000 signups): CoPilot 14 Day Free Trial Signup! Check out the absolute easiest way to fly your drone: