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  1. T

    Which are better for Phantom 4 Pro: DJI filters or the PolarPro Cinema Series Shutter Collection?

    I am in the market for some ND filters for my Phantom 4 Pro. Now I need this forum's help. I just joined the Phantom Pilots forums today, but I have been reading them and learning for quite some time, I just never joined until now because I didn't exactly have a reason to post until now. I came...
  2. T

    Just wanted to say hello!

    I have actually been flying and reading the forums here for about a year now and just decided to join so I can post in threads and create my own. Just wanted to tell everyone hello!
  3. S

    Polar Pro Cinema Series ND's - They're in!

    I know these filters, along with a couple of others have been much anticipated by the P4P community. The ND's are finally making their way into people's hands. There's been a lot of interest in Polar Pro ND's, so I thought I'd throw a quick and dirty post on here to let you guys decide for...
  4. Mike_in_Letcombe

    PolarPro Cinema Vivid Series for P4 (UK only). NOW SOLD

    I have an unused set of PolarPro 'Cinema Series' filters for a P4, including a case to store them in. These include the following: ND4-PL ND8-PL ND16-PL Cost £99.00 and included a free travel case. The filters are boxed in original packaging, there are also 3 x 'Polar Pro' carry bags which...