choppy image on p3p

  1. S

    Choppy footage

    Can I get some advice? I like the look of shooting 24fps, but when I do it looks choppy when shooting close up on things like trees. I have an example of what I am talking about. I shot this in 4k, 24fps with a shutter speed at 50. I used a 16 ND/PL to slow the shutter. I used a P3P for this...
  2. belmontncguy

    High amount of choppy video transmission on ipad air

    Hi, I have had my PS3 Professional drone less than a year and have really enjoyed it but recently my video transmissions have become choppy on my ipad air. I haven't changed any settings and have performed all updates. It really became choppy when I was only 750-1000 feet out. Anybody have...
  3. Gabriel Lehto Gomes

    Very choppy image - P3P

    I noticed that the DJI GO app was updated automatically and when I flew with my P3P the video in the iPad (mini iPad3) was very choppy and failing. Is there anyone having the same issue? Thank you! P3P iPad mini 3 128Gb