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    Hi My P2 only came with one battery and it gives me 11 mins of flying time on average . Dare I spend £60 on ebay to get another from China or would it be risky . Seem to jump in cost from £60 to well over £100 , of which I find ridiculous . Thanks
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    Phantom chinese gimbal 2 to 3 axis

    Hello everyone, i'm new here, I've got a Phantom 1 since 2 years now I bought a 2 axis chinese brushless gimbal. But recently I changed my board to an 32 bit 3 axis board (i'm not sure if it is an basecam or a chinese one) I decided to buy a third motor to add the yaw axis. Today everything is...
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    Phantom 2 Chinese brushless gimbal with sony AS100

    Hi, Maybe it will be helpful for someone who has got Sony AS100: Phantom 2 + AS100 + Chinese gimbal: Pitch control: