1. G

    Auto/Custom Channel Mode in iOS w/o Region change possible?

    Hi. I'm in the EU and use iOS as interface ("DJI GO 4" App version 4.2.14). My Channel Mode is locked to "Auto". "Custom" is greyed out and no way to enable it using "DJI GO 4" App. However I can change between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz manually. I read about this. Suggestions to change the Region to...
  2. Nick Wenzel

    Waves crashing on rocks in 4K

    Hi all Just took my new P4 for its first flight yesterday. I previously owned a P3 Standard for a while, and it was a great decision to make the upgrade to start moving into more professional stuff. This video is more of a relaxation clip than a short film. For some of those, check out my...
  3. HuckleberryStyle

    Other Forums/Websites To Help Grow YouTube Channels

    First, THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube Channel. This forum has been a great place to gain feedback and see other videos. Has anyone come across a similar resource that has helped their channel grow?
  4. P


    I guess there are many people in here who likes drone videos so check out my channel 4 drone videos ! Its pretty hard to gain subscribers nowdays. Trying to create something unique HMU if you do drone videos too! NEW VIDEO: CHANNEL: Mitro Boahene
  5. bradrun

    Youtube & Vimeo Channels - ALL LINKS GO HERE ONLY- NO VIDEOS

    Ok i haven't seen any post to share everyone's youtube or vimeo channels so we all can watch each other's videos as they post them. My channel is Brad Run. ADMIN EDIT: only post your youtube/vimeo channel name or link, no videos or other chat. Thank you.
  6. AdamBaron

    Video feed issues

    Recently I have been experiencing video feed problems where only the top 1/4 of the feed was viewable and the rest of the screen below was a black/ green mess which obviously made the Phantom very hard to operate/orient. Finally, I decided to stop the Phantom from automatically picking the best...