1. mikehhfx

    Ipads, Ipads and more Ipads, which one?

    Hi All Tired of trying to see my DJI Go on an iPhone and all my ipads are too old to work with the go app. So here is the question, what Ipad do I get?, I'd like a mini ipad, if I get one with just wifi, will I be missing the GPS functions in the GO app, will I see the map and where the drone...
  2. Deep6

    Which Ipad to buy?

    Just got my new P3 pro for Xmas and was disappointed to find I couldn't use my old Ipad with the 30 pin... Currently squinting at my Iphone 6... Before I take the plunge into a new device, I want to make sure I am getting the right one, since I am buying it solely for use with my P3. I...
  3. A

    iPad Mini + cellular for professionals

    Hi, we all know that - for all those folks that can afford it - the iPad + cellular models are the way to go because of the GPS sensor and ability to DL the maps, I would ask: how many professional pilots shoot with an iPad Mini Retina? Of course a bigger screen is better, but thieved Air...