1. M

    Polish castle by drone

    Hello, A drone flight in Laogow over the castle of the Joanits. Laogow is located between Lake Lagowskie and Lake Ciecz. The video was recorded using DJI Phantom 4 Professional v2.0 drone. The video was realized in 4K resolution. Filters used: - ND8 Polar Pro filters - ISO 100 - time 1/100 s...
  2. Jasonrowphoto

    Arundel Dawn

    Needed a 4am start to get here for 4.30am. Think the end result was worth the early start. Arundel Castle in West Sussex, UK.
  3. D

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  6. MrRobville

    First real attempt - French Chateau (P3S)

    All the small take-offs and fooling around at home aside, this is my first attempt to actually record something decent with my Phantom, worthy of making a short video off it. I recorded this about a month ago near a town called "La Framboisiere" in Centre France during a week stay with family. I...
  7. jamesmorano

    Abandoned Places: Bannerman Castle

    Drone video I shot of an abandoned castle known as Bannerman Castle. Bannerman Castle is located in Fishkill, NY on a 6.5 acre island called Pollepel Island. The island sits right in the Hudson river about 500 feet off the shore. Bannerman Castle was used as a military surplus warehouse in the...
  8. nicodoctor

    Sancti Petri Island (Spain)

    The Castle of Sancti Petri (Piedras Santas) is a stronghold located in San Fernando, Province of Cádiz, Andalusia, southwestern Spain. Situated on the little island of Sancti Petri, the defensive fortification was once one of a series of forts that protected the inlet, Caño de Sancti Petri. Of...
  9. thefrisbee995

    How close can I get to this castle?

    So there is a castle I know of, you can see in this video I made (at 1:12) that I went close to it but I didn't want to fly right over it. My question is, is it legal to fly over it if it is privately owned? I usually only fly in public places where I know I am allowed so I don't annoy anyone or...
  10. Alex Assenmacher

    4k spanish castle - game of thrones

    dear phantomers, here my latest work in a castle in spain. I thought this kind of music would give it a special pov :) hope you enjoy!
  11. 42Cacher

    Autumn colors in Germany, around Stuttgart

  12. DesignFlaw06

    Searles Castle - Windham, NH

    We took a motorcycle trip out to New Hampshire. Along the way, we stopped at my namesake's castle. I brought the Phantom with me. Hope you enjoy.
  13. France - DJI - A Different Perspective - YouTube

    France - DJI - A Different Perspective - YouTube

    An aerial view of the South of France with the help of a DJI Phantom 3. Please like, share and subscribe!
  14. Stevie_UK

    Warkworth Castle UK and surrounding area - with lols

    Decided to add footage from my P4 to my youtube videos. enjoy the views from the UK, with more coming :) Left or right, Always ready for your.... balls? Funniest unsolicited calls - YouTube by Stevie_UK posted May 13, 2016 at 5:33 PM Enjoy the views.... and the lols ;)
  15. K

    Castles and Cliffs

    Little Edit 2 ancient castles both dating back to 1400's Far North of Scotland
  16. Skyeyevideo

    12th century Wallingford Castle (or what's left!) - Oxfordshire, England

    12th century Wallingford Castle (or what's left!) - Oxfordshire, England
  17. Skyeyevideo

    Stonor Valley, Chiltern Hills, Oxfordshire, England

    Stonor Valley in Oxfordshire
  18. V

    Video: Kamenec Podolsky castle in Ukraine.

    Aerial video of Kamenec Podolsky castle in Ukraine. This video was shot with DJI Phantom 3 Pro.
  19. F

    greetings from Croatian

    One fine day...