castle by drone

  1. Jasonrowphoto

    Arundel Dawn

    Needed a 4am start to get here for 4.30am. Think the end result was worth the early start. Arundel Castle in West Sussex, UK.
  2. electriclife

    Longiano Italy - Medieval Castle & Town - Cinematic footage

    Longiano, Italy. Cinematic footage shot with DJI Phantom 4 PRO. A delightful town occupying a hill on the edge of the Rubicon Valley on the road from Cesena to Rimini. The town was once ruled by the noble Malatestas of which the Castle, now seat of the "Tito Balestra" Foundation, is a reminder...
  3. M

    Polish castles by drone

    Hello! I want to share with you my two videos where you see Polish Teutonic Order castles by drone. Beautiful scenery - I think. It worth seeing in my opinion. big small Teutonic Order castle located in Gniew city in Poland big Teutonic Order castle located in Malbork city in Poland...