carry case

  1. B

    Brand new Phantom backpack with tags - never used

    I have a brand new Ultimaxx Pro Phantom series backpack, complete with Tags. Never used - I ordered it by mistake for a Mavic Pro! I've attached a few photos, but this has never left the house and was only taken out of the back for the photos. Really well made, though and pretty rugged. Clearly...
  2. B

    Original box dimensions of P4 v P4P

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a backpack that fits my original P4P case inside comfortably. ..preferably weather/waterproof. Can anyone please tell me if the P4 original box is the exact same external size as the P4P?? Thanks, Boz
  3. embayweather

    A Case for A Phantom

    Yes I have done the searches through the forum (fora??), and my online research. However, I have a rather different problem. My disability prevents me from carrying anything either on my back or in my hand. Is anyone aware of a wheeled case that would take my Phantom 3P, that I could pull or...