car charger

  1. G

    Phantom 4 Car Charger

    Hello everyone, I'm going to Africa and couple of long safaris in September. For in-car charging I have 240V inverter which works great. But it's quite bulky item. I was wondering has anyone tired and have feedback for 3rd party in-car chargers for P4 ? 1st choice would be genuine DJI charger...
  2. V

    What's the difference between Phantom 3 batteries

    Hey there! I'm about to buy a Phantom 3 Standard to make some videos in the wild where i can't charge the battery from a socket. I didn't want to buy a lot of extra batteries because they cost so much so I'm going to buy a car battery and a car charger to recharge the drone a couple of times...
  3. dotcomray

    Trust non-DJI car chargers?

    I know there are numerous threads talking about car charging solutions, I know that they're out there and the options are endless. However, with these batteries being so expensive, and our drones being expensive, I'm hesitant to use anything other than the DJI stock car charger (Buy Phantom 3 -...