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    Cape Town and coastal areas around, South Africa

    Hi all. I am driving to Cape Town in January from Windhoek. Any local advise on where the best/safe/legal sites to fly are? I know I can not fly in parks, near airports, etc. But are there designated sites especially for us? Or the sites I can safely use without bothering anyone/being bothered...
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    The Best Drone Selfie of All Time!

    This is what I believe is the best drone selfie ever made. Let me know if you disagree :P
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    Questions About Taking Drone to South Africa this Summer

    I am going to South Africa this summer and have read a lot about how it is illegal to fly in many areas. I was curious to ask someone who actually flys in South Africa and knows how the rules are enforced. Would I still be able to fly at Table Mountain and Lions Head or is that a no go? I just...