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    Insane Crash And It Still Works!

    So back in February it was a really nice day in New England and I decided to take my P3P up over a pond. And it's a pretty big pond. I took some shot some nice video there and then BOOM. Tree that I did not see because I was stupid and was not looking at the view finder. I was flying towards...
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    P3P Crash

    Alright so heres what happened: Flying my drone near a pond and then I hit a tree then the drone falls into the pond (freshwater by the way). Drone is down in about 4.5 feet of water and i retrieve it covered in a small bit of seaweed and silt. I get it out go home and then let it dry out...
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    electrolytic capacitor loose

    Hi guys, I had a slight crash and I after that I heard inside of my Phantom 3 Adv noise. So I opened it up and I found damaged screw insert which is right beside one of the motor - picture no.1 And also I found loose electrolytic capacitor. I am not sure if its blown or just damaged. Picutres...