1. Tyler Mason

    Madison, Wisconsin

    Was in Madison this weekend and had some great weather to fly. I snapped this picture of Camp Randall and the campus behind it. As a University of Wisconsin alum, it was great to see the town from this view. (And yes, I know the campus has a no-drone policy, which is why I flew from off campus.)
  2. Tyler Mason

    University of Minnesota athletic complex construction

    Flew a few weeks ago at the University of Minnesota campus. They're building a new football practice facility, as well as a few other athletic buildings. Hoping they'll have us back out again to capture more footage as the progress continues. Here's the video.
  3. Matty1551

    *VIDEO* Apple Campus 2: March 2016 Update

    Hey All. Fairly new to the forum. I cut together this video from a handful of flights I did earlier today. Did this with my P3A. All input both positive and negative would be greatly appreciated.